The Mt.Kenya Talent Development Center

Mt Kenya Talent Development Center (MKTDC) is an International Non Governmental Organization registered in Kenya under section 10 of the Non Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act 1990. The charity was started to help young talented men and female runners from poor backgrounds and orphans. The organization has hence been established to tap and nurture the young talents and developing them thus improving their livelihoods. more…

Our Purpose : Mt. Kenya Talent Development Centre seeks to make positive contributions to the underprivileged youths in Kenya in through direct and indirect ways, both through financial and technical support. Our activities revolve around doing things that would impact on strengthening the social fabric of our youths and contributing towards changing lives in a sustainable way.

Our Mission : To work with organization’s partners and friends and mobilize resources to address social, economic and environmental issues to foster positive and lasting change.

Our Vision : Economically empowered, learned and successful youths whose lives have been positively transformed.
Core values

The core values that underpin our work includes:
Passion for the world around us.
Aligning the mission of the foundation with an active and constant commitment to the community good.

Passion for integrity and honesty.
Acting with integrity and honesty in all relationships and interactions between the foundation and all interested parties.

Passion for excellence and results.
Developing and advancing the knowledge, skills and judgment required for effectiveness;

Actively and continually learning to improve performance. Disseminating and sharing knowledge developed in the course of the Foundation’s work, for the benefit of the greater community.

Passion for stewardship and accountability.
Seeing to it that the organizations funds and assets are used primarily to advance its mission and ensuring that the organization has adequate human resources and systems to pursue its mission vision and objectives.

Passion for good governance and management.
Committed to good governance, through directors and trustees, who are informed, thoughtful and purposeful in their decision-making;

Ensuring that directors and trustees are aware of, and comply with all legal and fiduciary obligations;

Ensuring that the Board periodically reviews the Foundation’s mission and evaluates progress in achieving this mission;

Communicating effectively and clearly about the foundation’s mission, objectives and governance;

Ensuring that the Board has policies in place to address real or perceived conflicts of interest and,is prepared to act on them;

Updating partners as necessary on the implementation of funded projects.