1. To set up a permanent and residential camp for young and upcoming athletes. We have been housing young and upcoming athletes in private accommodation owned by former runners or rented houses locally in Nyeri,Nyahururu,Njabini and Ngong.
  2. To spot and help develop talent within poor, underprivileged girls and boys to make them world champions and to help them realize their dreams.
  3. To provide talented young and upcoming athletes opportunity to study in USA,Europe and Japan, by linking them with athletics scholarships providers and organize for sponsorship to help them secure an invitation to appear in international championships.
  4. To provide sport exchange programs for promoting international cohesion through athletics.
  5. Alleviate poverty through athletics taking Samuel Kamau Wanjiru [A beneficially of the program ] as a case study.
  6. To minimize drugs abuse caused by stress out of frustration to the young talents.
  7. To provide the girls and boys with information about HIV/Aids by holding sexual health lessons.
  8. To provide unlimited professional coaching to young talents through our program to represent and win medals for Kenya. This will be done by working together with the national coaches and athletic body to help these poor talents reach the qualifying time.
  9. To empower young people and street children through athletics,education,social and environment consciousness in the local schools and communities.
  10. To invest the money in the organization not immediately required in any one or more of the modes of investment of trust moneys or in such other manner as the Board of the Organization may from time to time determine provided that the outcome of such investments shall be generated back to the organization to achieve its objectives.
  11. To use sports (Athletics) as a unifying factor and as a means of preaching peace and reconciliation to the various communities;