The organization undertakes to support sports as a means of promoting cohesion amongst groups and communities, improving means of livelihoods for the less fortunate youths, supporting a healthy population, providing alternative opportunities for young people hence eliminating indulging in drug abuse and lawlessness, and the integration of education and life skills into sport as well as building Kenya’s national pride.

One of the Millennium Development Goals is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. This creates the imperative for all sectors – the corporate, civil society and government and non-government to collaborate on income generation, food security, job creation and poverty alleviation initiatives.
The organization intends to partner with communities and community groups to implement activities that contribute towards their economic self-sufficiency. This will involve funding initiatives for job creation for sustainable economic empowerment and also encouraging and funding community based environment friendly projects that generate income and create jobs for the local population.

The organization recognizes that for many Kenyans, access to affordable or specialized healthcare is a challenge; hence our response has been to partner with health service providers and communities to increase access to healthcare services. This includes:
a) Expanding access to affordable quality health care for underserved individuals and communities and promoting awareness on affordable healthy living;
b) Educating and sensitizing rural communities on endemic diseases including HIV and AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and provide support for the affected.

Climate change, reduced forest cover, depletion of fresh water basins, pollution, drought and famine are testament to the urgent need for intervention to restore balance within the environment and its eco-systems. The organization intends to support in environmental conservation entails supporting innovative community projects such as community clean-up campaigns, tree planting and fencing forests.

This includes;
To encourage and support innovative approaches to existing social and educational structures for better impact on the welfare and development of children, adolescents and youth;
To encourage and support youth initiatives that fosters the culture of volunteerism, social responsibility, creativity and self-actualization;
To provide education bursaries to needy students particularly from vulnerable groups, disadvantaged families and marginalized communities;
To encourage and expand information and communication technology programs in rural based institutions;